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Our Objectives

Our activity broadly includes Social Forestry, Agro-forestry, Grassland Development, Watershed Program, Biodiversity data of each village & Social awareness program

"Create forest -Not desert
Not for you- for your Children"

create awareness

To create awareness among local people of environment, ecology, natural food chain, forest, plants, animals and microorganisms of their help and uses.

assistance and awarding

To render any assistance in form of cash or kind to people for planting of saplings and also awarding people who are actively involved in conservation efforts.

construct institution

To construct and maintain any institution which is concerned with the afforestation scheme and for planting of trees to improve greenery on a large scale

Local Community Centre

To establish, promote, set-up, maintain or aid or to help in the setting up of Local Community Centre for conservation of bio-diversity and also educating the people.

start, maintain and assist

To start, maintain and assist any relief measures in those parts of villages where deforestation on a large scale has resulted in the ecological imbalance.

establish nurseries

To assist or set up or establish nurseries for preservation of Useful plants and educate the people on the importance of preserving and growing these plants in and around the villages