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Human existence is not possible without greenery and forest, Regular cutting down these forest will lead to extinctions of animals, birds, flora & fauna, this project enhances  to develop greenery & Afforestation with involvement of local village community- thereby creating ecological harmony among the village community.


  1. The scheme promotes greenery in all villages involving govt land, dry land, river belts, sub-channel region, village connecting road, sub-road, reserve forestland etc.
  2. As today society has grown large enough to destroy the forest which threatens human existence in the village, this disbalance in ecology is very well seen through the naked eyes by way of soil erosion, climatic change, decreasing water belt, migrating birds & animal behavior etc.
  3. As the eco-balance has upset the time schedule of seasons, which in turn has changed & upset the agricultural patterns & the lifestyle of village community, which has resulted in rural migration towards city, thereby disturbing urban growth & lifestyles.
  4. It is important today to seriously work to control this imbalance.As the new generation farmers are finding it difficult to survive in village due to this imbalance it has become life-surviving question in rural areas. This has also created unemployment in village and creating rural urban divide
  5. Due to cutting down of main forests, which the farmers are unaware & helpless,

Example of this is excess & heavy rainfall in ghats, which leads to floods in plains & no rainfall other areas.

  1. Today the water belt in rural areas has come down drastically, in past 15 years due to cutting down of rich forests surrounding village, which are valuable resource to keep water level. Farmers have to go below 500 feet to get water source.
  2. The main objective of this scheme is “Create forest -Not desert” to promote planting of useful trees & to safe guard the environmental imbalance & to contribute to protect this tree by educating the present & future generation about the benefits of nature & its fruitfulness.
  3. Creating forest will develop minute water channel, increase water bed thereby providing source to joining river, water flow can be seen entire year. Temperature & climatic changes can be controlled with dense forest.
  4. The produce of the forest such as fruits & nuts can be consumed for good health & body resistance, birds & animal’s population will also increase which will promote flora & fauna.
  5. Migration of animals will be stopped as they have their own territory for existence & survival.